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Our Mission

Our AI gun detection program is designed to both enhance people’s knowledge on guns and recognize potentially dangerous situations involving firearms by identifying them in a given image or video. In the midst of rising gun violence in America,  we hope that this software aids in the public’s deeper understanding of gun rights and gun laws, as well  as prevent further loss of American lives resulting from the abuse of our second amendment rights.

Challenges We Faced

A three week online AI Crash Course to create a professional, finished weapon detector. To say we’ve encountered challenges along the way would be an understatement. Perhaps the first and most obvious challenge we faced was being online for the entirety of the program. With new faces, new instructors and mentors, and a relatively new medium of learning, we had to adapt and learn in our new surroundings. The environment wasn’t the only thing that was new to our team. Although we did have experience with Java and C++ programming, many of our members lacked prior exposure to programming in Python, especially with the added concepts of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Our biggest challenge was the accuracy of our model; initially, we struggled to create an efficient software capable of detecting different types of guns at relatively high validity. Overall, the challenges we’ve faced throughout this project are opportunities for us to learn and adapt, as we’ve done time and time again. 

Our Team

Tara Natarajan

Ta​ra is a rising sophomore studying computer science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She is passionate about utilizing disruptive technology to better our global community. 

Rinav Kasthuri

Second-year undergraduate studying computer science at University of Washington. Rinav is a big fan of drinking jasmine tea, listening to classical music, and working on probabilistic deep learning because he believes we all have some uncertainty in our lives and deep learning models even more